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Latest ISIS beheading of an American exposes moral bankruptcy of our betters

September 3, 2014 - 7:52am
Hot Air, by Noah Rothman Posted By: KarenJ1- Wed, 03 05 2014 01:05:50 GMT Amid a Democratic revolt over President Barack Obama’s paralytic approach to the threat posed by the Islamic State, his liberal supporters are mounting a counteroffensive in the press. Obama is not demonstrating blithe unresponsiveness to the inhumanity displayed by ISIS militants in the Middle East’s new fundamentalist caliphate state. He is being “cautious,” quite unlike you'know'who. They do not invoke the name Bush; doing so has become a parodic expression of inadequacy. They do, however, imply that Obama’s thoughtful approach to this nightmare in the Mideast is a welcome change from certain unspecified policies of the past. “He is being