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Nuclear deal could allow Tehran to make bomb

February 23, 2015 - 3:18pm
Washington Examiner, by Charles Hoskinson Posted By: KarenJ1- Mon, 23 37 2015 05:37:21 GMT Secretary of State John Kerry met in Geneva Monday with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif amid reports that a deal was taking shape that might allow Tehran to build nuclear weapons in its final years. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, meanwhile, met separately with Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of Iran´s nuclear program, on technical details before joining the broader talks. The Associated Press reported that a potential deal is taking shape in the talks, which began Friday, that would phase out restrictions on Iran´s uranium enrichment activities in the final years — potentially allowing it to build a nuclear weapon more

Obama’s DHS Spent Nearly $150M on Office Furniture and Makeovers

February 23, 2015 - 3:18pm
Washington Free Beacon, by Mary Lou Byrd Posted By: KarenJ1- Mon, 23 30 2015 05:30:22 GMT Funding for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)—which is due to expire at the end of this week unless an agreement in Washington is reached—has continued to rise under President Barack Obama. His administration claims the agency’s increased funding is necessary to protect the homeland, but records show that the DHS has continued to increase its spending on furniture and office makeovers as its budget has been increased. A review of records on the official government spending website by the Washington Free Beacon shows the agency has spent nearly $150 million on office furniture and makeovers since Obama took office.

Exclusive: My Son is Dead Because the Concept of Borders Is Dead

February 23, 2015 - 3:18pm
Breitbart Texas, by Lana Shadwick Posted By: KarenJ1- Mon, 23 25 2015 05:25:41 GMT HOUSTON, Texas – A grieving Texas father told Breitbart Texas, “my son is dead because the concept of borders is dead.” Spencer Golvach was senselessly murdered by an illegal alien who had been deported a number of times after being convicted of committing crimes, including as law enforcement officers now tell us, crimes of violence. Golvach was shot in the head on January 31st while sitting in his car waiting for a stoplight to change. Golvach’s father said he wants the “boomerang” of deportation and illegal reentry into the country to be stopped. Victor Manuel Reyes was a violent man