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School accused of ´purging´ Christian books

September 23, 2014 - 1:49pm
Fox News, by Todd Starnes Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Tue, 23 27 2014 07:27:42 GMT It’s hard to imagine that any school would have a problem with a book about a Christian family that helped Jews escape the Holocaust. But Springs Charter Schools in Temecula, Calif., not only had a problem with “The Hiding Place,” they also took issue with any other book that was written by a Christian author or included a Christian message. “We do not purchase sectarian educational materials and do not allow sectarian materials on our state'authorized lending shelves,” Superintendent Kathleen Hermsmeyer wrote in a letter to attorneys at the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI).

Why Clorox Is Shutting Down Its Venezuela Business

September 23, 2014 - 1:49pm
Investor´s Business Daily, by Elaine Low Posted By: PageTurner- Tue, 23 26 2014 07:26:19 GMT Clorox (NYSE:CLX), the maker of household products such as Pine Sol and Glad, announced the shutdown of its Venezuela division and is looking to sell the assets of discontinued operations. Shares of the company were up 5.9% in the stock market today. Clorox Venezuela said it had been selling products at a loss because of almost three years of the government'mandated price freeze on two'thirds of its products and triple'digit inflation that pushed up input expenses. "Clorox Venezuela repeatedly met with government authorities to help them understand the rapidly declining state of the business, including the need for immediate, significant and ongoing price

Texas health officials administer TB tests for babies who may have been exposed at hospital

September 23, 2014 - 1:49pm
Associated Press, by Staff Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Tue, 23 07 2014 07:07:04 GMT Health officials in West Texas have begun testing some babies for tuberculosis after the revelation that more than 700 infants at an El Paso hospital were exposed to a worker found to have the disease. The children may have been exposed at a nursery in the Providence Memorial Hospital of El Paso between September 2013 and last month, when a health care worker tested positive for TB. (Snip) Saldivar said local health officials do not know why the worker was not tested by the hospital until Aug. 21 if the person had symptoms as early as December. Also, officials are still investigating how and when the worker became infected,

D´Souza gets community confinement for election law violation

September 23, 2014 - 1:49pm
Reuters, by Nate Raymond Posted By: chicodon- Tue, 23 05 2014 07:05:42 GMT Conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D´Souza was sentenced on Tuesday to spend eight months in a community confinement center during five years of probation after pleading guilty to a campaign finance law violation. The defendant, a frequent critic of President Barack Obama, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Richard Berman in Manhattan. He was also given a $30,000 fine and ordered to do one day of community service a week during his probation. D´Souza, 53, admitted in May to illegally reimbursing two ´straw donors´ who donated $10,000 each to the unsuccessful 2012 U.S. Senate campaign in New York of Wendy Long, a

The Lost Art of Political Persuasion

September 23, 2014 - 1:49pm, by Herbert E. Meyer Posted By: Drive- Tue, 23 57 2014 06:57:31 GMT Persuasion used to matter in politics. A good politician was someone with the inclination — and the skill — to convince people who weren’t among his supporters to endorse his preferred policy or legislation. There are many ways to accomplish this. Lyndon Johnson operated at the retail level, so to speak. Johnson was a master at twisting arms in the Senate, and cajoling members on both sides of the aisle into forming a coalition to pass whatever legislation he wanted. In contrast, Ronald Reagan worked wholesale. He had a genius for convincing millions of voters he was right and — through

Scenes From Flood Wall Street, Occupy’s ‘Family Reunion’

September 23, 2014 - 1:49pm
New York Magazine, by Katie Van Syckle Posted By: PageTurner- Tue, 23 48 2014 06:48:06 GMT A baby at her breast, Stacey Hessler looks like a radical Madonna in pink Converse as she tries to avoid the NYPD officers arresting protestors during Monday´s Flood Wall Street demonstration. This was her two'month'old daughter Joy’s second protest. Her first was Sunday’s Climate March. “I’m here to connect climate change to Wall Street,” Hessler says as Joy cries in a swaddle and helicopters circle overhead. “I was part of Occupy Wall Street and it kind of got tiring just protesting, because it seemed like we weren’t really changing anything.” On the heels of Sunday’s giant People´s Climate March, about 1,000 protestors,

Obama to meet officials of Arab coalition allies in New York

September 23, 2014 - 12:48pm
Agence France Presse, by Staff Posted By: JoniTx- Tue, 23 40 2014 06:40:11 GMT President Barack Obama will meet representatives of the five Middle Eastern nations that supported the first US strikes in Syria later on Tuesday, his spokesman said. Obama will see the officials from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the UAE, Bahrain and Qatar after he arrives in New York for the United Nations General Assembly meetings, White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters on Air Force One. The meeting will be convened by US Secretary of State John Kerry, who is already in New York. Deputy US national security advisor Ben Rhodes told reporters that it had been important to "see that there

Nicolle Wallace Endorses Chris Christie: ‘His Politics Are…Progressive’

September 23, 2014 - 12:48pm
Newsbusters, by Jeffrey Meyer Posted By: JoniTx- Tue, 23 29 2014 06:29:09 GMT On Tuesday morning, The View’s “conservative” co'host Nicolle Wallace gave a ringing endorsement for Governor Chris Christie (R'N.J.) should he decide to run for president in 2016. Unfortunately for the New Jersey governor, her reasons for supporting him probably won’t help him win over many Republican primary voters. During a discussion about Chris Christie’s 2016 prospects, Wallace eagerly threw her hat in for the New Jersey Republican and proclaimed that “his politics are an interesting and progressive and modern swath of the country and I’d like to see him in.”

Boehner says unemployed ‘don’t really want’ jobs. How bad a gaffe for GOP?

September 23, 2014 - 12:48pm
Christian Science Monitor, by Mark Trumbull Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Tue, 23 29 2014 06:29:09 GMT The Republican Party’s top leader in Congress is catching flak for a comment that appears to call the jobless lazy – a comment that has rekindled an old challenge for the party: appearing insensitive or uncaring toward Americans who are poor or in financial difficulty. House Speaker John Boehner was asked after a speech last week to comment on a plan for addressing poverty – promoted by a Republican colleague, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. Speaker Boehner gave a response that was favorable toward Representative Ryan´s plan, but not so favorable about Americans’ work ethic.

Michael Brown Memorial Burns Down in Ferguson

September 23, 2014 - 12:48pm
Mediaite, by Evan McMurry Posted By: JoniTx- Tue, 23 24 2014 06:24:56 GMT A memorial to slain teenager Michael Brown burned down Monday night, according to Ferguson fire officials. It is not known what caused the fire, though the candles kept lit in vigil around it may be to blame. The memorial was assembled over one month ago at the scene of Brown’s death. Brown, unarmed, was shot during a confrontation by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, an action that catalyzed weeks of protests over racial profiling and the militarization of police. According to MSNBC’s Trymaine Lee, at least one nearby resident suspected foul play: “They light candles every night with no problem,” the

Why is your face unique? New study offers clues.

September 23, 2014 - 12:48pm
Christian Science Monitor, by Eoin O´Carroll Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Tue, 23 22 2014 06:22:09 GMT Why is each human face unique? It´s a question a child might ask. The tempting response for a harried parent is, "Just because." After all, no two products of nature, be they clouds, snowflakes, or fingerprints, are exact duplicates. Mother Nature is no Henry Ford; those variations in shape, color, and texture are just part of the production process. (Snip) Your face, they say, is what biologists call a signal, a mechanism that, like the shimmering tail of a peacock or the Day-Glo skin of a poison frog, sends a message to other organisms about who you are. But how could one possibly test this hypothesis?

Sadie Robertson´s Cowboy/Jazz Dance With Stars Brings Tear to Dad´s Eye

September 23, 2014 - 12:48pm
Cybercast News Service, by Eric Scheiner Posted By: JoniTx- Tue, 23 19 2014 06:19:51 GMT Willie Robertson may have had some critical comments on daughter Sadie’s dance costumes, but her performance on ABC´s Dancing With The Stars Monday still brought a tear to his eye. “Those aren’t dresses, those are dish towels,” Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty was seen saying in a clip where he was rejecting some of his daughter’s dance outfits. (3'min. Video) When Sadie Robertson decided on what to wear and took the stage with dance partner Mark Ballas to perform a country/jazz number, Willie was impressed enough to tweet out “Yep. Crying.” Most of the judges were impressed with the performance.

Al'Qaida'Affiliated Group Was in ´Final Stages´ of Planning Attacks Against the West

September 23, 2014 - 12:48pm
National Journal, by Marina Koren Posted By: JoniTx- Tue, 23 16 2014 06:16:09 GMT The U.S. launched eight airstrikes Monday night against a little'known, al'Qaida'affiliated militant group in Syria. The United States Central Command said Tuesday morning that American forces hit the Khorasan Group near Aleppo to stop "imminent attack'planning against the United States and Western interests." At a Pentagon press briefing shortly after, defense officials explained just how imminent such an attack may have been. "The intelligence reports indicated that the Khorasan Group was in the final stages of plans to execute major attacks against Western targets and potentially the U.S. homeland," said Lt. Gen. William Mayville, the director of operations for the

Erdogan says Turkey could give military support to U.S.'led coalition

September 23, 2014 - 12:48pm
Reuters, by Ece Toksabay Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Tue, 23 14 2014 06:14:43 GMT Istanbul ' Turkey could give military or logistical support to U.S.'led air strikes against Islamic State insurgents in Syria, President Tayyip Erdogan was quoted as saying on Tuesday. "We will give the necessary support to the operation. The support could be military or logistics," Erdogan was quoted by Turkish broadcaster NTV as telling reporters in New York.

Anti'Obama Ad Compares President to a Bad Online Date

September 23, 2014 - 12:48pm
Time, by Eliana Dockterman Posted By: JoniTx- Tue, 23 04 2014 06:04:55 GMT (Video) Critics are saying the Republican group is capitalizing on NFL news by comparing Obama to an abusive boyfriend. An outside Republican group, Americans for Shared Prosperity, is running a new ad that compares President Obama to a bad boyfriend. The 60'second spot features a woman talking about a man she met online in 2008 with a seemingly perfect profile: “smart, handsome, charming articulate.” But since, their relationship has soured. AFSP bashes Obama for recent NSA spying scandals and the president’s foreign policy as if they were personal transgressions. “He’s in my emails and text messages, spying on me but