Celebrating success in Texas

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On Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 the Texas Patriots PAC celebrated the swearing-in of two candidates we endorsed in the Texas Republican primary election of 2012: Steve Toth of House District 15 and Cecil Bell, Jr. of the newly created House District 3. The swearing-in of these two candidates marked a continuation of the Tea Party tidal wave which is not only sweeping the nation, but which has an especially powerful presence here in Texas.


Steve Toth was successful in defeating incumbent Rob Eissler, who was one of the most liberal Republican representatives in the House, chairman of the House Public Education Committee, one of the most powerful politicians in Texas, and who helped elect liberal Republican Joe Straus to the Speakership.

Rep. Eissler's voting record included:

- Voted for the largest tax increase in Texas' history (HB 3, 2005)

- Voted for massive "green jobs" bill (HB 1935, 2009)

- Voted to set up a progressive property tax system (HB 3983, 2009)

- Voted for instituting Dodd-Frank in Texas (HB 1146, 2011)

- Voted against allowing people to opt out of mandatory vaccinations on religious grounds (SB 7, amendment 11, 2011)

- Voted to fund giving taxpayer-provided refrigerators to convenience stores in poor neighborhoods (HB 482, 2009)

- Voted for entitlement program giving free taxpayer-funded telephone services to the homeless or "individuals in crisis" (HB 232, 2009)

- Voted for and consistently drafted legislation to circumvent the power of the elected State Board of Education (HB 710, 2009; HJR 77, 2009;HB 2037, 2009; HB 4292, 2009; HB 277, 2007)

- Voted to expand mandatory vaccinations (HB 1107, 2011)

- Consistently voted for regulations (HB 1625, 2011; HB 1395, 2011; HB 2507, 2011; HB 1146, 2011; HB 1966, 2011; HB 2295, 2007)

- Voted against making the government more transparent (SB 1811, amendment 46, 2011)

- Proposed making the government less transparent (HB 50, SPECIAL SESSION 2, 2003; HB 39, SPECIAL SESSION 3, 2003)

- Proposed the destructive Value-Added Tax (HB 28, 2005)

- Proposed the "Clone and Kill" Bill (HB 1929, 2005)

- Voted for expanding the C.H.I.P welfare program (HB 109, 2007)

- Voted for the Internet Sales Tax (HB 2304, 2011; SB 1, amendment 11, 2011)

Rep. Eissler's voting record did not reflect the values of the residents of House District 15, and we were thrilled to see a solid conservative unseat him.

The Texas Patriots PAC was also excited to see Cecil Bell, Jr. sworn in as the representative of the newly created House District 3. We have high hopes for Mr. Bell, and place great confidence in his ability to promote conservative values in his future votes.


The Texas Patriots PAC would also like to congratulate Representative Brandon Creighton of House District 16 in his recent re-election. Rep. Creighton has proven himself to be a supporter of conservative values, and we have high hopes that he will continue fighting for these values in the 83rd legislative session.

Perhaps the most evident success of the Texas Tea Party movement, and one that the Texas Patriots PAC was proud to support with our endorsement in the Republican primary election, was the election of Senator Ted Cruz, who was sworn in to the United States Senate on January 3rd, 2013. Senator Cruz has already proven himself to be a Tea Party warrior, and all liberty-loving Texans- and no doubt, all Americans- should be excited to see what Senator Cruz does in the fight for Liberty.

The Texas Patriots PAC would also like to congratulate:

the Chair of the State Board of Education, District 8, Barbara Cargill- endorsed by the Texas Patriots PAC in the Republican primary election

Supreme Court Justice, Place 4, John Devine- recommended by the Texas Patriots PAC in the Republican primary election

And Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick- recommended by the Texas Patriots PAC in the Republican primary election