Election Breakdown 2014: Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court

Texas Supreme Court, Chief Justice

Nathan Hecht (Incumbent), Robert Talton

TPP recommends Nathan Hecht

Chief Justice Hecht has been on the Texas Supreme Court since 1988.   Governor Perry elevated him to Chief Justice in October of last year.  Prior to joining the Supreme Court, Chief Justice Hecht spent 2 years on the Texas Court of Appeals (the highest criminal court in Texas) and 5 years as a District Judge.

Possibly the best reason to vote for Chief Justice Hecht is the ferocity of the attacks on him from the ultra-progressive groups that masquerade as impartial reporters or protectors of the public’s interests.  These groups have hounded Chief Justice Hecht over his efforts to support Harriet Miers’ when President Bush nominated her for the U.S. Supreme Court.  This effort led to a Texas Ethics Commission (“TEC”) charge, which then Justice Hecht won at considerable personal expense.  When he negotiated a reduction in attorney’s fees, which is not uncommon, another TEC complaint was filed that led to a questionable fine.  Chief Justice Hecht has appealed this fine, as is his right.  And now he is being criticized for the time it is taking for that appeal, something that is likely out of his control.  We take the time to lay out this history to provide an example of the tactics of the left to discredit, bankrupt and/or drive out of office conservative men and women who are blocking their agendas.  We have purposely not provided any reference to the specific groups that are involved in this attack, because we don’t want to give them publicity.  But the attack on Chief Justice Hecht should be a wake-up call to Texas conservatives.

Another good reason to support Chief Justice Hecht is the people who endorse him, including Senator Cruz who says about him: “Nathan Hecht is a strong, principled conservative, with a deep passion for our Constitution.  For decades, Chief Justice Hecht has led the judicial conservatives on the Texas Supreme Court, and I’m proud to endorse him.” (https://www.facebook.com/tedcruzpage/posts/10152245023722464?stream_ref=10)

The Texas Supreme Court is particularly vulnerable to progressive attack because of its demographics.  Four of the nine Justices on the court have nine or more years’ experience on this bench.  One has just over 4 years on the court and 4 have less (3 of who have just over a year or less).  This is a court that is ripe for liberal takeover unless Texas conservatives recognize the risk and ensure that we elect candidates who reflect our values.

Robert Talton was a state representative from 1993 to 2007.  At the time, he was considered one of the most conservative Republicans in the House.  Mr. Talton does not appear to have any judicial experience, although there is some question whether he once served on a court of limited jurisdiction like a municipal court.  His campaign website makes no mention of any judicial experience, saying that Mr. Talton served as an Air Force reservist and a City of Pasadena police officer and then practiced law for 26 years. (http://taltonforchiefjustice.com/about/) Some news reports and other internet sources say that Mr. Talton began his career as a police officer and municipal judge.   The fact that Mr. Talton’s campaign website makes no mention that he served as a municipal judge suggests that Mr. Talton himself does not consider any of his prior experience sufficiently judicial in nature that it is relevant to his qualification to serve as Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court. In addition, Mr. Talton appears to have no plan for victory in this election, other than to capitalize on the uncertainty about Chief Justice Hecht the ultra-liberal groups may have succeeded in planting in voter’s minds.

Chief Justice Hecht has a long record of solid conservative and strict interpretation of the law.  TPP strongly recommends him for your support.