Tea Party

The Tea Party Movement exists because millions of Americans do not trust that either party will take decisive action to assure that the Constitution is the foundation of our government. Like the many other transformational movements in our history, it has become obvious that change needs to happen in our nation, and it must come from the citizens themselves. The Texas Patriots PAC has been part of this movement since 2008.  One of the important differences to note is that we are a Super PAC, and so can legally invest funds to support the Conservative message and our recommended and endorsed candidates. We have had notable success at the local and state levels, where we believe real transformation begins.

What is the essential problem facing our nation today?

Our elected officials and courts are ignoring the Constitution. This has resulted in the explosion of government power and size, irresponsible money management that has brought us to the brink of bankruptcy, and loss of freedom in our business economy.

Who is responsible for this?

Both Parties,  and each one of us.  We must become informed within each Party to elect the right person. Our intent is to work within the Republican Party which holds core values closest to ours. We are not a third party, and do not intend to become one.

Is this just a Federal government problem?

No. The government we have is a reflection of the people who elected them. We cannot achieve a long term solution to our national problems without changing the idea that WE THE PEOPLE have of government’s proper role and the values we should apply when we elect people to office.  American citizens have a responsibility to cast informed votes that reflect their personal values and beliefs, whatever they may be.

What can we do?

  1. Influence legislation and the policy debate at every level. We can do this by being informed citizens, and sharing our information with the community and those we have elected.
  2. Make sure our elected officials reflect our values and priorities. We are constantly working with and evaluating them and Conservative candidates to understand their values and priorities. If they are not aligned with ours, we will recruit and support qualified candidates to replace them.
  3. Educate our citizens. Through: a) weekly meetings to educate our members about the proper role of government and current events; b) maintaining and expanding our communications to any citizen interested, c) courses on the Constitution; and d) hosting rally events, national speaker events, candidate debates and smaller educational events and opportunities.
  4. Support church activism. America's churches are largely silent at a time when the culture and politics of the nation most need their participation! We are equipping our members with information and materials designed to help them encourage the re-involvement of their churches in public discourse if they choose.

What can you do to help?

Join us! Whether you want to be personally involved every week, just for events or elections, or can offer financial support. All are important! !  Click on the JOIN page of the menu bar. We invite you to attend our meetings on Tuesday evenings, attend our other events, and most importantly, be informed and vote accordingly! We are a volunteer organization, but obviously have financial obligations to continue and expand our important work. If you have specific needs our Membership Team leader can meet with you to discuss our plans in more detail and answer any questions you may have.

 Every member is so very important! Yes, everyone matters!