TPP Explanation for Primary Ballot Recommendations

Texas Patriots PAC Recommendations for the
May 29, 2012 Republican Primary Election

Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Charles “Buddy” Roemer, John Davis, Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman
TPP recommends Mitt Romney.
The 2012 Texas Primary was delayed by the courts to where it is too late to have any impact on the presidential primary. Mitt Romney will win the Republican nomination All the other candidates for this position, with the exception of Rep. Paul, have either dropped out of the race, endorsed Mr. Romney for President, and/or have never been serious national contenders. While we recognize that Mr. Romney is not the choice of most of our members, it is critical that all conservatives unite behind the Republican nominee and defeat President Obama in November.

United States Senator
Craig James, Curt Cleaver, Glenn Addison, Ben Bambini, Ted Cruz, David Dewhurst, Tom Leppert, Lela Pittenger, Joe Agris
TPP endorses Ted Cruz for the following reasons:
1. Mr. Cruz has a convincing record of being a strong conservative who shares Tea Party values.
2. Mr. Cruz has demonstrated the strength of character which supports expectations that he will adhere to and champion his conservative values when elected to office.
3. David Dewhurst, Mr. Cruz’s principal opponent, touts a record of conservative accomplishments, most of which were forced upon him by statutory requirements (like balancing the budget). Spending and taxes in Texas have soared during Mr. Dewhurst’s tenure and many important conservative initiatives have been delayed or not implemented due to what appears to be political temerity. Mr. Dewhurst has failed to demonstrate a level of unwavering commitment to conservative principles that will provide the courageous and resourceful leadership we need in Washington to solve the huge fiscal and other problems facing our nation.
4. Mr. James, another strong conservative who is also appealing to TPP, did not receive our endorsement because Mr. Cruz, who is equally conservative, is running a more credible campaign with greater prospects of winning. We encourage Mr. James to continue to seek opportunities to serve us in other capacities.

United States Representative, District 8
Larry Youngblood, Kevin Brady
TPP recommends Kevin Brady for the following reasons:
• TPP’s voter guidelines have two components: i) evaluation of the candidate’s conservative values; and ii) the credibility of the candidate’s campaign. To receive TPP’s endorsement, a candidate must satisfy both these components. A recommended candidate is the most conservative candidate in the race who has good prospects of winning, not necessarily the most conservative candidate in the race.
• In this race, Mr. Youngblood is the most conservative. But Mr. Youngblood has not mounted a campaign that has a realistic chance of unseating a well-funded and liked incumbent like Mr. Brady. Therefore, Mr. Brady is recommended.
• Congressman Brady is responsible for some very good conservative legislation, most recently the MAP and Sound Dollar Acts. These bills have found support in the House but will certainly fail in a Senate under Democratic control. Our expectation is that Congressman Brady will fight hard for this good legislation, especially by partnering with others who will promote it in the court of public opinion, as was effectively done with his Obamacare chart. We understand and appreciate the reality that it takes numbers to pass a bill. Those numbers are best obtained by making the case for conservative, Constitutionally-limited legislation over and over again to the public.
• Tea Party supporters insist that government must be limited to its proper Constitutionally defined roles. Legislation in the House is required to include Constitutional justification. However, this obligation is frequently considered satisfied by a vague Constitutional reference that does not thoughtfully establish that legislation as a legitimate role for Federal government. Specifically for each vote, we expect Congressman Brady to set forth his view regarding how that legislation does or does not promote Constitutionally limited government.

Railroad Commissioner
Warren Chisum, Becky Berger, Roland Sledge, Joe Cotten, Christi Craddick, Beryl Burgess
TPP recommends Christi Craddick. Mr. Chisum has had strong conservative voting record in the Texas House but it is time for fresh ideas and modernization of an archaic bureaucracy. Ms. Craddick is a small business owner and attorney specializing in oil and gas, water, tax issues, electric deregulation, and environmental policy. As the daughter of former Texas Speaker of the House, Tom Craddick, Ms. Craddick is prepared to contend with the political culture of Austin and Washington.

Railroad Commissioner, Unexpired Term
Greg Parker, Barry Smitherman, Al Lee, Elizabeth Murray-Kolb
TPP recommends Greg Parker. Global warming is being used as the pretext to over regulate both the Oil & Gas industry and our very way of life. Mr. Parker understands this better than any other candidate and will be an invaluable asset to the Commission and a defender of Texas’ liberty.

Justice Supreme Court, Place 2
Steve Smith, Don Willett
TPP endorses Don Willett. Justice Willet is one of the pre-eminent conservative jurists in the country.

Justice Supreme Court, Place 4
David Medina, John Devine, Joe Pool, Jr.
TPP recommends John Devine. Judge Devine has a strong conservative, principled record.

Member, State Board of Education
Linda Ellis, Barbara Cargill
TPP endorses Barbara Cargill for the following reasons:
1. The SBOE has done an outstanding job bringing balance to our schools’ text books and standards, a performance that needs to be completed and defended and deserves rewarding.
2. Chairwoman Cargill is a strong conservative with demonstrated success in fighting for our values.
3. Ms. Ellis does not support the accomplishments of the SBOE and wishes to transfer its approval authority to each independent school district. This would be very inefficient (1,030 ISDs needing to develop the expertise to replace the SBOE, thereby increasing costs and bureaucracy) and would eliminate the leverage the SBOE has to force liberal publishers to provide balanced textbooks for Texas’ schools.

State Senator, District 3
Tammy Blair, Robert Nichols
TPP recommends Robert Nichols. While Senator Nichols’ conservative record is not exemplar, Ms. Blair is not persuasive as a more conservative candidate and is not running a credible race.

State Senator, District 4
Tommy Williams, Michael Galloway
TPP endorses Michael Galloway. Mr. Galloway is a strong conservative with a record of accomplishments during his previous term as senator. He is running a credible campaign against an incumbent who does very little to advance a conservative agenda in spite of the Republican majority.

State Representative, District 3
Troy Bonin, Cecil Bell, Jr., Bob Bagley
TPP endorses Cecil Bell, Jr. for the following reasons:
1. Mr. Bell is a strong conservative who we believe will proactively push for advancement of conservative principles in a Legislature which will likely continue to be controlled by Republicans. He is running a credible campaign.
2. Mr. Bagley is a well-known champion of conservative principles in Montgomery County and a member of our Tea Party. We came to the conclusion that Mr. Bagley places equal or greater importance on his conservative activism than on serving as a state legislator. We perceive him to be equally effective on behalf of our shared conservative values whether or not he serves in the State House. Further, Mr. Bagley lacks the resources to mount an effective campaign against Mr. Bell.

State Representative, District 15
Rob Eissler, Steve Toth
TPP endorses Steve Toth for the following reasons:
1. Mr. Toth is a strong conservative and a member of our Tea Party who is running an effective grass roots campaign against a better known and well-funded incumbent.
2. Mr. Eissler is the Chairman of the House Public Education Committee which deals with about 50% of the spending by the State of Texas. During his tenure as Public Education Chair (’07 to ’11), spending on public education increased from $47 billion to $55 billion, a faster increase than at any other time in the past ten years. Mr. Eissler’s voting record indicates a trend of undermining the State Board of Education. He also supported numerous tax increases including a bill that would tie property taxes to income (essentially introducing a back door income tax to Texas). His voting record is not consistent with conservative principles.
3. Mr. Eissler also participated in the effort to replace the former House Speaker, Tom Craddick, with the current liberal Speaker, Joe Straus, end running the established practice of letting the majority select their speaker by cooperating with Democrats to install a liberal Republican as Speaker. This is the reason so many conservative bills failed to pass in the last session in spite of the Republican super majority.

District Judge, 9th Judicial District
Kelly W. Case, Fred Edwards
TPP recommends Kelly W. Case.

District Attorney, 9th Judicial District
Gilbert Garcia, Tracy Pullan, Brett W. Ligon
TPP recommends Brett W. Ligon.

County Attorney
Phyllis Rainey, JD Lambright, Gary Beauchamp
TPP recommends JD Lambright for the following reasons:
1. Ms. Rainey has been groomed for this position by the current incumbent who is retiring. She promises a seamless transition, which means little change. However, there is considerable evidence that the County Attorney’s office is run inefficiently and we need change.
2. Mr. Beauchamp is an excellent candidate who has run a good campaign and who clearly would bring change to the County Attorney’s office, particularly to decisions around litigation.
3. Mr. Lambright is also an excellent candidate with litigation experience and a good campaign. Additionally, we see Mr. Lambright’s former business and managerial experience as making him the preferred candidate in implementing needed change.
County Commissioner, Precinct No. 3
Paul Cote, James Noack, Kenny Speight, Brian Dawson
TPP recommends James Noack for the following reasons:
1. There are some very good candidates in this race; notably Messrs. Cote, Dawson and Noack.
2. Mr. Dawson has the strongest conservative record, and Mr. Cote has a record of lowering taxes while serving on a MUD Board. But neither one of them are running an effective campaign against a well-funded establishment opponent.
3. Mr. Noack has not served in office before but, in his campaign, he has demonstrated a greater understanding of the financial issues present in Precinct 3 than any other candidate. In great contrast to the establishment candidate, Mr. Noack will bring a new perspective and fresh evaluation to long-time procedures and spending patterns. He is running an exemplary grass-roots campaign with a credible chance of winning.

Constable, Precinct No. 1
Jim Napolitano, Don Chumley
TPP recommends Jim Napolitano.

Constable, Precinct No. 2
David Womack, David Moore, Gene DeForest
TPP recommends David Moore.

Constable, Precinct No. 3
Ryan Gable, Dan Norris, David Angstadt, Jr.
TPP recommends Ryan Gable for the following reasons:
1. There are three excellent candidates in this race. Mr. Gable is a Captain in the Harris County Constable’s Office, Precinct 4 and is endorsed by the retiring incumbent. Mr. Norris is a Lieutenant in the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Mr. Angstadt is an officer with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.
2. Mr. Angstadt is the most conservative of the three candidates, having attended Tea Parties in the past and clearly sharing our values. The other candidates are less politically inclined. Mr. Angstadt, however, is not running an effective campaign with strong prospects of winning.
3. The race is really between Mr. Gable and Mr. Norris. Mr. Gable is a “constable’s constable”; being one of the trainers in a program established to train new constables in Texas about their duties. He would hit the ground running and bring to Precinct 3 all of the best practices from around the country. We consider it a unique opportunity to bring to Montgomery County the level of expertise offered by Mr. Gable.

Constable, Precinct No. 5
Brian Clack, Johnny Carroll, David Hill
TPP recommends David Hill.

Proposition 4 - No
In general restricting government growth to the ability of the economy to support it is a good thing. However, when we are spending too much now and are locked in on Entitlement Spending, this proposition says the current. Spending is fine but should only increase by the appropriate amount defined by the proposition. We believe that we should get spending down to allow for Entitlement (Medicaid) expansion until it is reformed. Then growth can be restricted. This Proposition allows both Entitlements and Government to expand by formula. We need to do better on spending and reform Medicaid first before this Proposition should be re-introduced. This Proposition is worded badly.