The responsibility of the Commissioner of Agriculture is varied. It includes water, crops, weights and measures, gas pumps, etc. It's a catchall for a lot of government responsibility defined by the Legislature. Into this mix we have two Candidates who are opposites.

The first is Sid Miller. He is the incumbent and an active lifetime farmer and rancher. He also has a "salt'/' Twitter page which has gotten him into a few controversies. Perhaps this had him in the mix for the Trump Cabinet for the Secretary of Agriculture. Early on, he raised fees for Farmers which has created a large surplus within the Department of Agriculture which he promises to reduce through fee reduction.

Trey Blocker is an attorney and lobbyist from a six generation Texas family that has a history of cattle ranching. Trey only seems to have very peripheral involvement in his youth. His undergraduate degree was earned at HampdenSydney, an all male University in Virginia, and he has his Law Degree from the University of Texas. His lobbying clients included Monsanto who has a large Agriculture presence.

Disappointing about both candidates in their presentation to the public on their Web pages is the lack of the mention of water, the key to sustainable economic and population growth for Texas. Four years ago, we were in a brutal drought. Now we have had Harvey. The people of Montgomery County are upset about the perceived mismanagement of the water level in Lake Conroe until drastic action had to be taken which, because delayed, resulted in severe destruction downstream through Kingwood. A look at the current water conditions shows evidence of a renewed dry spell. This appears to be an issue that the Agricultural Commissioner candidates should be addressing, but are not.

Because of his intimate knowledge of farming and Ranching, we believe that Sid Miller deserves to be reelected to this post. He will have more knowledge of the daily needs of the Farmers and Ranchers. When he meets with them throughout the State, he will be both more knowledgeable and empathetic to any plight they may have. In other words, he will care about "people like them".