Conroe City Council, Place 1

May 7, 2016 election


Sandra Whisenhunt Walker: Sandra Walker has lived in Conroe her whole life, and has been involved in Republican politics her entire adult life, actively working toward the election of conservative candidates at all levels of office. She is a staunch conservative Republican who has for years been active in the Republican Party and (real) tea party groups. She has a long history of advocacy on behalf of Conroe residents against what she believes are oppressive ordinances, and promises to bring fiscal responsibility to the council. More info here. 

Tony Fuller: Tony Fuller is a communications professor at Lone Star College, and lives in newly annexed April Sound. Prior to his career in academia, Fuller had a 20-year career in business working for ABC, CNN, Walt Disney, and Hanna-Barbera. More info here. 

Duane Ham: Yes, that Duane Ham. Following his unsuccessful run for State Representative in 2014, Mr. Ham created the Texas Conservative Tea Party Coalition, known as the "fake tea party," at the urging of the political establishment. This group then endorsed establishment candidates who failed to gain support from real tea parties, received extensive funding from developers and special interests, and hired staffers to wear shirts emblazoned with "Tea Party Patriots" and hand out their deceptive voter guide at the polls. Over the years, TCTPC has succeeded in confusing voters and lending false tea party credibility toward the election and reelection of establishment figures such as Rep. Kevin Brady and County Judge Craig Doyal. Mr. Ham and his group have spat in the face of conservative activists in Conroe, Montgomery County, and the state of Texas by usurping the name of our movement to use against the movement itself. He is now seeking to be rewarded for his loyalty to the establishment with a seat on Conroe City Council to begin his political career.More info here.

Carl White: Carl White is a Democrat who places a lot of the emphasis of his campaign on public works programs and increased taxpayer "investment" in the community. More info here.