County Clerk

Jeanie Stewart, Mark Turnbull (Incumbent)

TPP recommends Mark Turnbull for the following reasons:

Jeanie Stewart is a bright, attractive, hardworking person with a proven ability to work with and motivate women co-workers.  Since all of the employees in the County Clerk’s office except for the Clerk are women, her ability to work with and motivate women co-workers is important.  Mrs. Stewart did an excellent job turning around the work environment at The Woodlands Community Center where she is currently employed. Mrs. Stewart appears dedicated to conservative and Christian values.  However, she was unable to identify any special skills or insight for how to improve Clerk’s office and it was not entirely clear why Mrs. Stewart is running for this position.  We also could not get comfortable that she has a credible path to victory.


Mark Turnbull has been the County Clerk for 23 years.  He is constantly tweaking the job and currently is working towards building a dedicated records storage facility paid for with a portion of the filing fees paid to the County Clerk’s office. Mr. Turnbull appears to be remarkably apolitical and detached from conservative moral values as demonstrated by his issuance of the county’s first gay marriage license on a Saturday and by numerous other responses during his vetting.  Instead, he appears very focused on the technical details of the County Clerk’s office and ensuring optimal service to users, both of which being good things.  By all reports we have been able to obtain, the County Clerk Office appears to be running smoothly. As an incumbent who has been elected to this office six consecutive times, Mr. Turnbull obviously knows how to get elected and has a credible path to victory.


Recommendation:  Mr. Turnbull is clearly not the most conservative candidate in this race but he is the only candidate with a credible path to victory.