The County Treasurer is charged with managing revenues collected by the County departments and to administer payroll services for the County. 

Melanie Bush – Ms. Bush is our recommendation for this position.  Melanie is a graduate of Southern Methodist University with degrees in Economics, Political Science and Public Policy.  She has demonstrated both leadership and courage in insisting the Conroe ISD Board revisit their initial decision not to grant property tax reappraisal relief to victims of Hurricane Harvey.  As the owner of a successful bookkeeping company, she has the skills and real world management experience to implement the changes that are badly needed to modernize the office she is seeking.  Ms. Bush has run a very effective campaign, garnering supporters from both the Republican establishment and the grass roots organizations.

Stephanie Davenport – Ms. Davenport is the current incumbent, and has held the office for three years. She holds an Associate Degree in Arts and Sciences from Lone Star College. During our interview, Ms. Davenport stated that she has instituted significant improvements to the Investment policies of the office during her tenure. This may in fact be true, but difficult to verify as the 2016 and 2017 Investment Reports are not available under their designated tabs on the County website. Another issue in the Treasurer’s office is the continued use of an antiquated paper timekeeping and payroll system that is an unnecessary burden on every county department.  Ms. Davenport is self-funding her campaign, so it is difficult to assess her level of support for re-election.