District Judge, 284th Judicial District

Kristin Bays, Jo Ann “Jo” Linzer

TPP recommends Kristin Bays for the following reasons:

One of the most important ongoing goals of the PAC is to encourage qualified conservatives to seek to serve as our representatives in all of the positions we have the privilege of electing. While we cannot take any credit for either of the candidates in this race, this race is great example of voters getting to choose from two well qualified, conservative candidates, both of whom having serious campaigns with credible paths to victory.  Neither candidate has previously held elected office. 


District Courts in Texas have jurisdiction over almost any kind of legal case.  However, for efficiency reasons, as population levels increase, the district courts in larger counties tend to become increasingly specialized.  This is happening in Montgomery County; the 284th being a court that specializes in civil law.  This court presently has the worst case backlog in the county.


Kristin Bays has spent her entire 25 year career practicing civil law, which gives her an excellent foundation for the 284th District Court. She has a reputation as an outstanding lawyer.  For the last 21 years, she has been in a two-person law firm where she has gained management experience helpful to running a court and reducing its case backlog.  Mrs. Bays has been active in political, educational and charitable activities in the county and clearly has a heart to serve. She has run for judge twice before, which helps make her an experienced and effective candidate. Mrs. Bays is a proven conservative with a very well organized and financed campaign and a credible path to victory. She is an ideal candidate!


Jo Anne Linzer has had a remarkably varied career working significant amounts of time both in the private and public sectors; a breadth of background that could be helpful in the 284th District Court.  Her legal experience has mostly been in the public sector, the majority of it being in the practice of criminal law.  She is currently the First Assistant District Attorney for Grimes County. She is a solid lawyer with proven track record and good reputation.  Mrs. Linzer demonstrates a heart to serve, having been active in political, educational, charitable and religious activities in the county She appears to have exceptional organizational experience that would be advantageous in managing a court and reducing its case backlog.  She is a first time candidate and shows it.  But she is conservative and has organized a remarkably effective, well financed, campaign that appears to have a credible path to victory. Another ideal candidate!


Recommendation:  The PAC recommends Kristin Bays because of her superior civil law experience.  No matter which candidate wins this race, we encourage the loser to run again as both these candidates would well represent the voters of Montgomery County.