Joe Pool
Eva Guzman


The Texas Patriots PAC endorses Eva Guzman



It is imperative that Texans elect serious, experienced lawyers with a conservative judicial philosophy to their civil court of last resort.  Justice Guzman is the only candidate in this race with the prerequisite experience and proven conservative judicial philosophy.  Joe Pool is unqualified for this position, having no judicial and limited legal experience. Mr. Pool did not participate in our vetting process.


Justice Eva Guzman has served on the Texas Supreme Court since 2009.  She has over 14 years’ experience as an appellate judge, having spent 8 years on the Texas 14th Court of Appeals in Houston prior to joining the Supreme Court.  Accordingly, a 14 year paper trail of Justice Guzman’s opinions is available to demonstrate her conservative judicial philosophy.  Prior to joining the Court of Appeals, Justice Guzman served for 2 years as the judge of Harris County’s 309th Family District Court.  Justice Guzman spent the first 10 years of her legal career in private practice.   

Justice Guzman has a well-earned reputation for commitment to excellence, judicial restraint and loyalty to the written text.  The breadth and depth of her legal and judicial experience and strong work ethic have made her a significant contributor to the quality of opinions and the efficiency of the Supreme Court. Justice Guzman deserves to be re-elected.


Joe Pool is a perennial candidate who also ran for the Supreme Court in 2010 and 2012.  Pool is the son of a former Democratic state legislator and Congressman from Dallas, leading some to suspect that he may not be a Republican.  This suspicion was intensified in his 2012 race when Mr. Pool’s campaign was heavily supported by personal injury attorneys known to usually be strong backers of Democrat candidates.  So far in this election cycle, as noted in the write up for Supreme Court Place 3 above, this money seems to be backing Justice Lehrmann.

Mr. Pool has no judicial experience and appears to have very limited legal experience. Other reviews of Mr. Pool report that he has received significant sanctions from the State Bar of Texas for the way he has conducted his affairs as a lawyer, but we have been unable to independently verify these findings.  Suffice it to say that Mr. Pool has made no case whatsoever for supporting him in this election.