SECEDE Kilgore, Barbara Krueger, Greg Abbott (Incumbent)

TPP endorses Greg Abbott for the following reasons:

Governor Greg Abbott does not have a serious challenger in the Primary.  We can’t find out much about Barbara Krueger, who does not appear to even have a campaign website, other than the fact she lives in Plano Texas.  SECEDE Kilgore is a perennial candidate for state offices, having previously run for governor in 2006 and 2014 and for US Senate in 2008.  His runs appear designed primarily to bring attention to his call for Texas to secede from the United States.  In fact, he legally changed his first name to highlight this platform.

The PAC endorses Governor Abbott for two principle reasons:

1.      He played a key role in encouraging Joe Straus to step down as Speaker of the Texas House by extending the 2017 legislative session with an agenda that clearly exposed Straus’ commitment to defeat the conservative agenda established by Governor Abbott and Lt. Governor Patrick.  This exposure strengthened the Republican caucus’ hand in forcing a change to the party rules so that future Republican speakers must be elected by the Republican caucus.  Straus chose to announce he was not running again instead of risking almost certain humiliation by being rejected by the Republican caucus.

2.      During his first campaign for governor four years ago, Governor Abbott promised to oppose toll roads.  He has made good on this promise, the latest example being the recent reversal of the LBJ toll road in North Texas to a free road. We are not going to succeed in eliminating the use of toll roads as the go-to solution to our mobility needs without Abbott’s assistance.