Montgomery County Constable, Precinct 1

Kim Franklin
Sam Laird
Ike Fluellen

Billy Ballard
Philip Cash
Rusty Fincher

TPP recommends Ike Fluellen



In Texas there are two law agencies which provide law enforcement to counties – sheriffs and constables. While a sheriff’s district is county wide, there can be up to 8 constable precincts in a county depending on population. A constable is a constitutionally authorized peace officer who has the same arrest powers and duties as municipal police officers and sheriffs. However, what makes a constable unique is that the only thing they MUST do is execute civil process for the courts. In Montgomery County there are five constable precincts. Historically, these constable offices have not been very proactive in law enforcement, opting to perform their responsibility of executing civil process for the courts but not being active in patrolling and providing law enforcement. In recent years, Constables Rowdy Hayden (Precinct 4) and Ryan Gable (Precinct 3) have taken their offices to a higher level and begun patrolling and engaging in additional law enforcement for the community on top of performing their constitutional duties.

After Constable Chumley announced his plans to retire, 6 candidates jumped into the race to replace him. All 6 are fine people with good arguments to be made for each of their candidacies. However, we believe that of these 6, 3 have campaigns which credibly could make it into the inevitable runoff: Ike Fluellen, Philip Cash, and Rusty Fincher. We believe of all the candidates, Ike Fluellen best represents our values and is best suited to bring the Constable Precinct 1 office up to the standard it should be.


Ike Fluellen is currently retired after serving over 38 years as a Texas Peace Officer. 18 of his years of service he was an administrator, first as Director of Police for Montgomery College, then as Chief of Police for Aldine ISD where he was responsible for the security of all students, faculty, and staff at all locations of the 11th largest school district in Texas. In the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office he served in three captain’s positions: once in the patrol division, once as an inspector, and once in the sex offender compliance unit. He also spent time as Director of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Academy. While working for DPS, Mr. Fluellen investigated public corruption, street gangs, and the drug cartels. Prior to his career in law enforcement he was a professional boxer.

Mr. Fluellen does not believe the constable’s office is performing its job effectively. He believes that patrols can be stepped up, especially around Lake Conroe, as it is the deadliest lake in Texas. He also believes the office can be more engaged in assisting the Sheriff’s Office with law enforcement.

Mr. Fluellen lists the three biggest challenges facing the constable’s office as:

  1. Budgets.  Mr. Fluellen says that in his 18 years as an administrator he has experience creating responsible budgets and policy, and knows how important the budget is to running an office. As a conservative, Mr. Fluellen says it is a passion of his to make sure our tax dollars are used wisely.
  2. Growth in the county. Mr. Fluellen says that growth in the county population will bring more crime as the urban centers of Harris County spill into Montgomery County.
  3. DWIs. Mr. Fluellen says that alcohol-related deaths on the road and lake are one of his main concerns, and not enough is being done to make sure boaters on the lake are safe from those operating a boat under the influence.

Mr. Fluellen says that he has retirement from the state and from the county, and does not need another retirement. Rather, he decided to run because he feels a calling to serve. He says his passion is investigating public corruption, as he believes we are lacking in leadership at all levels of government. He says his past experience in investigating public corruption and organized crime has developed a need to step out and address the issues degrading the fabric of society, and he is not afraid of retribution, as he has made several enemies over the years.


Philip Cash has been the Lieutenant/Commander of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Unit since 2005. Prior to this, he served as an undercover Narcotics Detective with MCSO and the Texas Governor’s Narcotics Control Program for 13 years. Prior to this, he served as a patrol deputy and corporal in the Detention Division. Prior to his career in law enforcement, Mr. Cash worked for an investigations firm which conducted civil and criminal investigations for numerous law firms and Fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Cash says he would like to see more cross training in the constable’s office to better prepare officers for a variety of issues. Other than that, he ranks the three biggest challenges to the constable’s office as:

  1. Maximizing efficiency
  2. Increased Community Involvement
  3. Addressing the Mental Health Challenges by a growing population

It is obvious that Mr. Cash has a passion for law enforcement and the attitude of a law enforcement officer. He says he wants a proactive constable’s office, the way Constables Gable and Hayden run their precincts. He says the biggest problem in the county is drugs, and that drugs are the nexus to most other crimes. He says he wants to eliminate the position of Chief Deputy, as an active Constable should be able to perform those duties himself; he would use the funds to hire more deputies.

Mr. Cash currently heads the department that is most critical to addressing what he sees as the biggest problem facing Montgomery County, drugs.  If Mr. Cash moved to the constable’s office, we believe that the office would become more efficient but that Mr. Cash would have much less of an effect on his main worry than if he stayed with the Sheriff’s department.