Montgomery County Constable, Precinct 2

Gene DeForest
James E. “Jimmy” Cox
Billy Beavers

TPP makes no recommendation in this race



We have chosen to not make a recommendation in this race because none of the candidates meet our criteria for support. Incumbent Constable Gene DeForest is not a proactive constable, and the office is being underutilized and underproductive. Both Mr. Cox and Mr. Beavers seem like they would be an improvement, and express a desire to transform the office into a 24/7 operation. However, we do not see enough of a campaign from either of these candidates to warrant our support.


Constable Gene DeForest declined to participate in our vetting process.

Mr. DeForest has been the constable for precinct 2 since 2001. Like Constable Hill in precinct 5, Constable DeForest has maintained a schedule of 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on Friday. The department is not a 24/7 operation, and Constable DeForest is on record as saying he does not wish to make it one.

Constable DeForest’s budget for his office is consistently denied by commissioners court because he has not turned the office into a statistically-driven agency. Without statistics pointing to a need for resources, the office cannot accurately point to needs that warrant a certain budget. There is also reports that at any given time, most of the deputies are not patrolling; rather, they are scheduling other side jobs.

We believe that Constable DeForest has demonstrated an unwillingness to stepup his office’s game to become a more efficient agency which is engaged in law enforcement beyond the sole responsibilities the office has of serving civil papers.


Jimmy Cox is currently the Senior Civil Officer in the Montgomery County Constable Precinct 4 Office. In this position, he is in charge of all of the writs for the department. He has worked for the Precinct 4 office for the past 7 years, has been in law enforcement since 1995, and has his Master Peace Officer license.

Mr. Cox says that the office is currently fulfilling its role, but only doing the very minimum. He would like the office to be a 24/7 operation, and claims to be able to turn it into such an operation on day one in office. He would also like to see the office provide statistics to guide their budget, as his current office does. He says that he can provide better service than the current constable, and that his experience as a deputy constable makes him more qualified than his third opponent, who has never been a constable.

While we believe Mr. Cox is a qualified candidate who would likely make a better constable than the current constable, his campaign unfortunately does not meet our standards for support.


Billy Beavers is currently the Chief of Police for the City of Panorama Village. Prior to this he was a deputy in the Panorama Village Police Department and a deputy with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Like Mr. Cox, he also has a Master Peace Officer license.

Mr. Beavers says the Precinct 2 office is not effectively fulfilling its role. He says that although the agency is currently only part time, it has the resources to expand to a 24/7 schedule and create new divisions that would generate revenue and be self-sufficient. He says the potential exists to provide the county with greater law enforcement coverage, but is not being used. He ranks the three biggest problems facing the office as:

  1. Personnel. Mr. Beavers says the creation of a warrants division would generate revenue from the collection of outstanding fines which are currently not being pursued.
  2. Community involvement. Mr. Beavers says the office needs to be engaged in proactive community-oriented policing. He says that being involved with HOAs and businesses in the precinct will help determine the existing security issues and combat them with increased patrols.
  3. Budgeting. Mr. Beavers says that the existing department’s spending schedule needs restructuring in order to most effectively use resources.

Mr. Beavers says his diverse law enforcement experience and numerous years in management make him the most qualified candidate in the race. While we believe Mr. Beavers is a qualified candidate who would likely make a better constable than the current constable, his campaign unfortunately does not meet our standards for support.