State Representative, District 18

Wesley Hinch
Ernest Bailes
Keith Strahan
J. Turner
James Morrison
Van Brookshire

TPP recommends Keith Strahan


Keith Strahan

With Rep. John Otto deciding to retire, district 18 finally has the opportunity to elect a true conservative who will stand for liberty. 6 candidates have jumped into this race, 3 of whom we believe have a good chance of making the runoff. One candidate is a lobbyist with connections to Joe Straus. One candidate is John Otto’s hand-picked successor. And the other candidate is Keith Strahan. While studying the intersection of political theory and theology at the University of Manchester in England, Keith read “The Law” by Frederic Bastiat, which led him to desire to learn the law and use a law degree to continue teaching and spreading truth about a proper understanding of the relationship between the Church and government. Upon receiving his law degree back home in Texas, Keith set up a law practice which centers on helping small businesses navigate the immense legal and regulatory burden of the federal, state, and local government. He is a pro-liberty conservative who is a founding member of the Republican Liberty Caucus of CD-38 and Christians for Liberty. With his demonstrated passion for protecting our Rights to life, liberty, and private property, we are proud to recommend Keith Strahan for HD-18.