Lieutenant Governor

Scott Milder, Dan Patrick (Incumbent)

TPP endorses Dan Patrick for the following reasons:

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick does not have a serious challenger in the Primary.  Scott Milder does not have a campaign with a serious chance of winning.  He is one of the moderate Republicans set up in this election cycle to challenge strong, effective conservatives. 

The PAC endorses Lieutenant Governor Patrick for these reasons:

Dan Patrick has extremely effectively used the power of the Lieutenant Governor’s office to advance conservative policies.  Lt. Gov. Patrick set a number of very conservative legislative goals for the Senate.  In his first term, Patrick changed the chairmanships of key committees so that they were now lead by conservatives.  The effect of that change in chairmanship was that conservative legislation was not bottled up in committee and reached the Senate floor for a vote.   Turnover in the Senate in recent years has resulted in a greater number of more conservative Senators.  Accordingly, Lt. Gov. Patrick’s agenda passed overwhelmingly to the chagrin of moderate Republicans and Democrats.

But legislation must pass the House too, and Speaker Joe Straus consistently placed moderate Republicans or Democrats into leadership on key committees.  In the last session, not only did key legislation not pass the House, it wasn’t even given a vote because it never made it out of committee.  Governor Abbott called a special session to revisit some of the same issues championed by Lt. Gov. Patrick and again, the House leadership blocked the will of voters in this right of center state. 

Straus will not be returning as Speaker of the House in the next session, as he chose not to run for re-election to the House.  While it is not clear who will be the next Speaker, Lt. Gov. Patrick has a history of returning to unresolved issues that are on his legislative agenda.  Chief among these issues is meaningful property tax reform as well as tackling the problems of failing schools and giving parents more choices for their children.  Voters can be confident that he will do so again.  We look forward to another successful legislative session with Lt. Gov. Patrick.