Hospital District
Director, Commissioner Precinct 2


Brad Spratt
Matthew L. Pepper


TPP recommends Brad Spratt


Brad Spratt and Matthew L. Pepper are running for the seat being vacated by Harold Posey.




Brad Spratt is currently the director of Health, Safety, and Environmental for Northwest Technical Solutions, a professional engineering firm providing regulatory verification and engineering services to the upstream oil and gas market. He has 17 years of emergency services experience and 10 years in safety management. His previous experience includes serving as a Paramedic Field Supervisor for 911 EMS services, a training manager for offshore safety in the oil industry, and professor of EMS in the Lone Star College System. 

Spratt has a long history of activism in Republican politics, where he is known as a liberty-minded activist. He currently serves as Precinct Chair for precinct 71, is the Vice-Chair of the Montgomery County Young Republicans, is the Director of Club Development for the Texas Young Republican Federation, and has been a delegate to the 2008, 2014, and 2016 Republican State Conventions. 

Spratt says he has had a passion for EMS his entire life, which led him to earn his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Texas in Emergency Health Science as well as his Master of Education degree from Texas A&M. He says his experience in EMS and understanding of EMS systems makes him the best candidate for the position, as the board is currently lacking any member with direct experience in EMS. Having worked in the private industry as well, he says he understands the role that providers must play, as well as what is required to keep an organization in the black. He says that his direct experience with EMS will be valuable toward the goal of working with other providers in the area, such as law enforcement and firefighters, to ensure that MCHD meets its obligations and has great working relationships in the community.

Spratt says that the biggest challenge facing MCHD is that the nature of EMS is changing as EMS tries to define itself as either a public safety entity, a medical entity, or both. He says that insurance, education and legislation such as Obamacare are all playing a factor in these challenges, and his experience in the industry will be a valuable asset in helping MCHD weather the changes that are coming. 

Spratt believes that MCHD currently is effectively fulfilling its role, as it is one of the best EMS providers in the state. 

We are supporting Brad Spratt in this race for two main reasons: experience, and values.

  • Experience: His knowledge of the nuts and bolts on the inside of EMS services will be a great asset on a board, allowing enhanced consideration from a unique perspective. Spratt is right that MCHD is one of the best EMS providers in the state; as recently as 2013 MCHD was recognized as the best EMS provider in the state by the Texas Department of Health for their leadership in EMS patient care, public access, medical control, disaster preparedness, public education and training. MCHD has been one of the few governing entities to reduce taxes while improving services, and we believe Spratt’s understanding of EMS budgets will help to find areas to reduce spending potentially allowing the board to again reduce tax rates. 
  • Values: He is strong conservative across the board with a mature understanding of the principles upon which this country was founded. He believes that Americans are overtaxed at all levels of government, and would like to see the income tax, corporate tax, and property taxes reduced or eliminated. 




Matthew Pepper did not respond to requests to participate in our vetting process, and does not appear to have an active campaign.