Texas Patriots PAC condemns Judge Case's actions


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Texas Patriots PAC condemns Judge Case’s actions

(The Woodlands, Texas) -  Texas Patriots PAC is appalled by and denounces the ruling by Judge Kelly Case of the 9th District Court declaring unconstitutional the Texas statute criminalizing online solicitation of minors for sex. We further reject the deceitful claims of Judge Case’s supporters that Judge Case’s action was in accord with a ruling by the highest criminal court in Texas, the Court of Criminal Appeals, and a subsequent amendment to the controlling law by the Texas State Legislature. We stand with the prosecution in calling the Judge’s actions a perversion of the Constitution.

On Wednesday, Judge Case declared the state’s online solicitation of a minor law unconstitutional on the basis of freedom of speech in the case of Texas v. Paquette, where the defendant agreed to pay an undercover officer posing as a 14-year-old girl for sex. Judge Case ignored the argument made by the prosecution, and instead ruled that the entire law was unconstitutional, therefore dismissing the case.

“Judge Case had no legitimate grounds for extending the Lo* case to support his ruling,” stated Jon Bauman, Vice President of Texas Patriots PAC. “The Court of Criminal Appeals stated in Lo that statutes like Section 33.021(2)(b) ‘exist in virtually all states and have been routinely upheld as constitutional because offers to engage in illegal transactions [such as sexual assault of a minor] are categorically excluded from First Amendment protection.”

“In the last two and a half years, Judge Case has demonstrated a propensity for issuing outlandish rulings which have uniformly been overruled by higher courts,” said Julie Turner, President of Texas Patriots PAC. “His alarming disrespect for our judicial system has forced the county to pay for multiple unnecessary appeals. Montgomery County deserves a judge who focuses on upholding the law, rather than one willing to contort our precious rights, protected by our Constitution, to free people who would harm our children. Thankfully, we are confident that the appeals court will come through again and reverse this latest atrocity.”

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