Texas Patriots PAC releases endorsements in key 2016 races

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Texas Patriots PAC releases endorsements for key 2016 races

(The Woodlands, Texas) -  On Tuesday night, Texas Patriots PAC released their endorsements and recommendations for several local, state, and federal races at their first weekly open meeting of the year, held at the Timber Lakes Baptist Church.

Texas Patriots PAC announced that they are endorsing Senator Ted Cruz for President, and former State Representative Steve Toth for U.S. Congress.

“Since his election to the U.S. Senate, Senator Ted Cruz has proven over and over again to deliver on his promise to stand for liberty,” Texas Patriots PAC President Julie Turner said. “We were proud to endorse him during his Senate race, and wholeheartedly endorse him for President of the United States.”

Turner said that after 20 years in Congress, the current incumbent for District 8 has proven that he is unwilling to vote for the conservative values of his district, most recently evidenced by his support for the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill, which gave President Obama and the Democrat Party everything they wanted. “Whether it be his consistent votes to raise the debt ceiling, his support of the crony-capitalist Export-Import Bank, the bank bailouts, the prescription drug entitlement, or unconstitutional surveillance of American citizens by the NSA, Kevin Brady has established a pattern of voting against the conservative values of his district,” Turner said. “For years, Kevin Brady has not had a serious challenger at the ballot box. Steve Toth is the candidate conservatives in this district have been waiting for.”

Turner praised Steve Toth’s voting record in the Texas House, where he was among the most conservative members constantly challenging the liberal Austin agenda. “Steve Toth has fought for conservative values and limited government in Texas in the same manner we’ve seen from Senator Cruz in the Senate. We enthusiastically endorse Steve Toth for Congress as the candidate who will take on the Washington cartel.”

Texas Patriots PAC also announced their support for Wayne Christian for Railroad Commissioner, JD Lambright for Montgomery County Attorney, Jim Napolitano for Montgomery County Sheriff, and James Noack for Montgomery County Commissioner for Precinct 3.

For the Texas Supreme Court, Texas Patriots PAC announced their support for Michael Massengale for Place 3, Paul Green for Place 5, and Eva Guzman for Place 9.

Texas Patriots PAC holds weekly open meetings every Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. at the Timber Lakes Baptist Church located at 1540 Sawdust Road in The Woodlands. Next Tuesday, they will release their endorsements for the Court of Criminal Appeals, the Montgomery County Judicial races, and the Montgomery County Constable races.

Texas Patriots PAC, a non-partisan Tea Party organization dedicated to the election of candidates who share their core values of constitutionally limited government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility, is based in The Woodlands, Texas.  For more information, please visit www.TexasPatriotsPAC.com