Texas Patriots PAC announces support for Bunch, Boniface, Brown and Rieser


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Texas Patriots PAC announces support for Bunch, Boniface, Brown and Rieser

(The Woodlands, Texas) -  Texas Patriots PAC has announced their support for Gordy Bunch, Brian Boniface, John Anthony Brown, and Bruce Rieser for The Woodlands Township Board of Directors. 

“All four of these candidates have displayed an unwavering commitment to representing the interests of The Woodlands’ residents over those of the county and developers,” Texas Patriots PAC treasurer Bill O’Sullivan said. “In this critical time in The Woodlands, it is vital we elect strong leaders who will be undeterred by outside influences and determined to keep The Woodlands beautiful, unique, and fiscally responsible. One attempt has already been rebuffed in the state legislature to move the incorporation decision date from 2057 closer to 2024. This can be done by amending the enabling legislation. We must be vigilant and prepared.”

Texas Patriots PAC issued strong criticism of the false propaganda being issued by their candidates’ detractors. “The political elites are pushing erroneous information to scare the residents against voting for our candidates,” O’Sullivan said. “The truth is, nobody is arguing for incorporation right this instant. We, as well as our supported candidates, only think it is prudent to prepare for inevitable incorporation, so that when it does occur, the impact will be known andminimal. Our detractors apparently want the impact to be severe, as they voted to eliminate the incorporation reserve fund. Keeping the Township the way it is keeps them and their developer friends in power at the expense of the community. Shenandoah and Oak Ridge figured out that becoming a city protects from encroachment by other entities, and Shenandoah exercised their right to stop the Research Forest Dr. flyover against the aligned powers of TxDOT, HGAC, DOT, and The Woodlands itself. The benefits of incorporation are obvious, the necessity is drawing ever nearer, and it is vital to prepare for that day.”

Texas Patriots PAC, a non-partisan Tea Party organization dedicated to the election of candidates who share their core values of constitutionally limited government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility, is based in The Woodlands, Texas.  For more information, please visit www.TexasPatriotsPAC.com