As many know, the Railroad Commissioner's main function is the regulation of the Oil & Gas Industry in Texas. The two candidates are incumbent Commissioner and  Chair of the three person commission, Cristi Craddick and Weston Martinez.

Commissioner Craddick is an Attorney from an influential Texas Political and Oil Family. She's an Attorney from the University of Texas both Undergraduate and Law School. Commissioner Craddick's Law Practice was Energy and Regulatory which is an asset for the Board. She tends to follow the tenets of the Tenth

Amendment when it comes to the predatory regulatory activities of Washington. She has commented that "one size fits all", does not work for Texas. She is now Chairman (a title she prefers) of the Commission. Her regulatory attitude and power is likely why she has received such large financial support from the Energy Industry.

Weston Martinez is considered the more Conservative of the two candidates. He has a background in Oil & Gas. He has received some Conservative Endorsements.

The choice for this position is to reelect Chairman Craddick. One of the benchmarks we use is whether the Candidate has a "Path to Victory". From their 12/31 Campaign Finance reports, only Chairman Craddick has enough funds to run a statewide campaign. In fact, several local Montgomery County Candidates report more resources than Mr. Martinez who is running a statewide race.