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TPP endorsed Ted Cruz

During the past few presidential elections, the media has played a large part in turning our Presidential nominating process into a circus mirroring that of a reality TV show. This year, it is appropriate that a reality TV star is using this process to his own advantage.

While this year’s crop of candidates is remarkably better than previous years, since the beginning there have only been a handful of true conservatives in the race. Unfortunately, the attention of many otherwise conservative voters has been stolen by Donald Trump’s fierce anti-establishment rhetoric. What Trump supporters need to know is, there are anti-establishment Republicans who will misrepresent your views once in office just as much as establishment Republicans will. And while Donald Trump’s anti-establishment rhetoric was refreshing in the beginning, it is now time to question whether or not Mr. Trump is truly the candidate that conservatives have been looking for.

Donald Trump is a good negotiator, and as such, has an end goal in mind with this Presidential race. Is Donald Trump’s end goal the same as your end goal? Or is he driving a deal? If he is elected, how will Donald Trump be good for liberty? What rights, to him, are not subject to negotiation with the Democrats?

With Ted Cruz, you do not have to ask these questions. You know exactly what you are getting with Ted Cruz in the White House.

As you can see with our write ups on other races, we like to provide an extensive argument for each one of our endorsements. However, this one is fairly simple. You have the candidate who represents liberty and the Constitution, and you have a populist dealmaker. We’ll leave it to Rush Limbaugh to summarize it as only he can. 

We also recommend reading this piece by Jeffrey Tucker at the Foundation for Economic Education detailing how Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are practically the same candidate.