As exotic as the name sounds, this race is not likely to turn on anything specifically dealing with Texas Land. Part of the Office's responsibility deals with the status of the Alamo. For some reason Commissioner Bush decided on a project that became titled "Reimagining the Alamo". This was intended to take The Alamo beyond the Battle and focus on the History of the San Antonio Region over 500 Years. In politics this is known as an "unforced error". Commissioner Bush has stirred up a Hornet's Nest when there was no need to do so.

The Alamo is iconic. While it is a large part of Texas History, it suddenly became a National sensation due to Walt Disney, Davy Crockett and Fess Parker. It became legendary because of that and as non-Texans migrated to Texas, it was a must see destination. To an overwhelming majority, The Alamo is the Battle and not just a chapter in a 500 year timeline. Jerry Patterson is a former Land Commissioner. His usual campaign tactics are "Slash and Burn". He has a real chance in this race though his amount of Funds is dwarfed by Commissioner Bush.

The remaining two Candidates Davey Edwards and Rick Range will not have sufficient resources for a Statewide Campaign. Mr. Edwards is a Land Surveyor who graduated from Texas A&M. The Land Commissioner is supposed to take care with 'Texas Land Assets" as they are the provided resources for the Texas Permanent School Fund.

Rick Range is very involved in The Alamo and its History. Were it not for Commissioner Bush's appearing to downplay the Battle, Mr. Range would likely not be a candidate.

A more pressing issue in the Campaign would be the skills and experience in distributing FEMA Funds. The General Land Office is the conduit for FEMA Funds into Texas. This will involve tens of billions of disaster relief. Since this is unprecedented, you should pay close attention to the candidates on this issue because of its importance to Texas and Texans. The organizational skills necessary to manage this task will be paramount. Their Campaigns should define why they are more qualified for this task. If they fail to do so, they should not get your vote.

No choice on this race at this time.