The Woodlands Township
Director, Position 1



Amy Lampman
Gordy Bunch
Bob Leilich


TPP Endorses Gordy Bunch


Incumbent Gordy Bunch is running for reelection against challengers Amy Lampman and Bob Leilich.




Amy Lampman and Bruce Tough

Amy Lampman and Bruce Tough

Amy Lampman did not respond to requests to participate in our vetting process.

She has aligned herself with the false “70% tax raise” propaganda being promoted by her friend, Bruce Tough. 




Since 2012, Gordy Bunch has led the efforts on the board to stand up for the interests of The Woodlands residents, rather than the development company and county political elites. Mr. Bunch has been at the center of all of the fights between the “Residents’ Advocates” wing of the board (consisting also of Laura Fillault and John McMullan), and the establishment wing of the board, including:

  • The fight against The Woodlands Parkway extension.
  • The fight against the county further dividing our community by turning our streets into massive thoroughfares, including Gosling and Branch Crossing.
  • The fight against fiscal irresponsibility, such as spending money on projects not in The Woodlands, with no apparent benefit to residents.
  • The fight to get our fair share of law enforcement coverage from the county.
  • The fight to renegotiate contracts.
  • The fight against unnecessary bus service. 
  • The fight against the clearcutting practices of the development company.


Gordy Bunch is the only member of the board to attend Commissioners Court to advocate on behalf of The Woodlands residents interests on issues regarding traffic and mobility. Mr. Bunch has led the efforts to plan responsibly for incorporation, in order for The Woodlands to protect itself and its image from the county and developers. 

The Woodlands residents are indebted to Mr. Bunch for leading an awakening of sorts to make sure our board of directors truly stand up for us, rather than use their positions to do the bidding of the special interests who control The Woodlands. We proudly endorse Gordy Bunch for reelection. 




Bob Leilich is a retired transportation engineer and consultant. While we believe the Township would benefit from his knowledge on transportation and mobility issues, we do not see a path to victory for his candidacy, nor do we believe his qualifications match that of Mr. Bunch.