The Woodlands Township
Position No. 3

Candidates: John Anthony Brown
                    Stuart L. Schroeder


TPP recommends John Anthony Brown


John Anthony Brown and Stuart L. Schroeder are seeking election to the seat vacated by Jeff Long. 


Montgomery County is growing, and the quality of life residents of The Woodlands invested in upon moving to this community is being lost. While change is inevitable, it is vital that we elect leaders who possess a long-term vision for our community that protects the atmosphere of the secure enclave we call home and doesn’t let it get eroded with irresponsible road and commercial development. Click here to read more about this and the setting for the Township election.


John Anthony Brown is currently the Facilities Supervisor for Huntsman International, where he is in charge of contract management and negotiations. Prior to this he worked in the same capacity at Thomas Jefferson University and the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. In the community, he has served on the Alden Bridge Village Association board for the past 5 years, as well as the Advisory Committee for The Woodlands Preparatory School. 

Mr. Brown says he is driven by a strong desire to give back to his community, and believes his expertise in contract management and negotiations and budget savings will be an asset to the board. He believes he is the best candidate for this office because:

  • Experience: Mr. Brown says that his management experience as Facilities Supervisor fits well with a governing entity like the Township, which has an abundance of public facilities. He says his experience in contract management and negotiations has given him proficiency in finding savings in budgets; he claims to have saved him current employer over $5 million. He has also been a licensed realtor for 8 years, which he says gives him an understanding of how The Woodlands is comprised logistically concerning the covenants, boundaries, and property values, as well as the knowledge to refute any unwarranted property tax increase. 
  • Service: Mr. Brown has dedicated five years of service on the Alden Bridge Village Association, where he was recently nominated as Volunteer of the Year.
  • Commitment: Mr. Brown says that he is committed to advocating for the interests of The Woodlands residents above those of the developer, the county, and special interests. 

Mr. Brown believes that the Township board is currently doing an adequate job, but that some changes need to be implemented regarding the clear-cutting of trees, saving and planning for our future, and delivering accurate data to the community. He says that current tax levels are appropriate with the current state of the economy, and that he would like to maintain a very low tax rate. 

Mr. Brown believes the three biggest challenges facing the Township are:

  • Traffic: Mr. Brown says that the county’s plan to build The Woodlands Parkway extension, as well as extend Gosling and Branch Crossing, will greatly increase traffic in our community and attack the very character of The Woodlands. He says that only through incorporation can these issues be addressed and prevented from The Woodlands' perspective, and that The Woodlands should begin to make adequate preparations for the inevitability of incorporation. 
  • Increases in water rates: Mr. Brown says that the constant increases in water rates are a challenge now and will continue into the future. He says that we need to work with the MUDs and The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency to express the residents’ concerns over the constant increase in water rates. He says that in doing this, we could work together on how, where, and why we use water in quantities that could cause increased price due to increased demand. 
  • Protecting our community: Mr. Brown says that the Township board should be responsible for controlling the identity and quality of life that The Woodlands residents expect. He says he hopes to bring energy to the board to fight for residents’ interests against intrusions by special interests. 


We are supporting Mr. Brown for the following reasons:

  • Expertise: In his profession, Mr. Brown is tasked with scrutinizing budgets line by line in order to find savings and optimize service. We believe this skill will be a great asset to the Township board. 
  • Vision: Mr. Brown has the right vision for The Woodlands, and recognizes the need for Township board members to stand up for residents’ interests. He is also one of the few candidates we have met who has recognized the issue with rising water rates, and has demonstrated the knowledge of the issue as well as a plan for action.
  • Values: Mr. Brown has demonstrated that he is a conservative across the board, aligned with our values. 



Stuart Schroeder did not respond to requests to participate in our vetting process.