State Representative, District 150

Theresa Hearn-Haynes
Al Zolli
Debbie Riddle
Valoree Swanson

TPP recommends Valoree Swanson


There are two candidates in this race with serious campaigns: incumbent Debbie Riddle and her main challenger Valoree Swanson. We have known Debbie Riddle for many years and have been following her voting record as it has become progressively worse. The only candidate who was invited to take part in our vetting process was Valoree Swanson, as we have sufficient knowledge of Mrs. Riddle's record and the other two candidates do not appear to have strong campaigns. 


Debbie Riddle started out as a conservative in the House a decade ago, but has since caved to Joe Straus and the liberal Republican establishment and lost her way. In the past two legislative sessions she has received a grade of F from Empower Texans, Young Conservatives of Texas, Texas Eagle Forum, and Texas Right to Life. In the past legislative session, Riddle voted against priority pro-life legislation, she voted for the Democrats’ $15 minimum wage bill, she voted against a transparency-in-government bill, she voted for a bill that trampled on our first amendment rights, and she voted against American Laws for American Courts, which would have banned Sharia Law in Texas. At this point it is clear that the 150th district deserves better conservative representation.


Valoree Swanson is a strong conservative with decades of experience working for conservative causes. She is a prominent member of Texas Tea Party Republican Women, the Conservative Coalition of Harris County, Concerned Women of America, and is the founder of Bluesheet, an organization which vets Republican primary election candidates. In 2015, the Republican Party of Texas awarded her Volunteer of the Year for Senate District 7, where she also served as State Republican Executive Committeewoman for 8 years and a precinct chair for 22 years. Valoree has a passion for cutting taxes and government waste, and has pledged to fight to eliminate the business margins tax. We believe that Valoree Swanson is the candidate best suited to represent district 150’s conservative values, and are proud to support her candidacy.