Precinct 2 Commissioner, Runoff Election

Charlie Riley, Greg Parker

The Montgomery County Commissioners’ Court currently has a one to two vote majority that almost always votes on the side of higher taxes and the expansion of spending.  Recently, three members of the court were under indictment, and ethical issues have plagued this court for years.  The lack of a countywide mobility plan has resulted in conflict pitting community against community, as well as regular traffic gridlock.  Property tax bills continue to rise.  The current County Judge and Pct. 2 Commissioner hope to raise additional county revenue by expanding the toll road system in Montgomery County and to eventually build the Woodlands Parkway Extension. 

Charlie Riley

Charlie Riley is the current commissioner of Precinct 2 and worked as the Precinct 2 Operations Manager for 12 years before that.  Mr. Riley communicates a genuine devotion to his family and friends and is very involved and generous with the Magnolia community in particular.  He installed preventive flooding measures that greatly benefited residents in Precinct 2 after Hurricane Harvey.  Mr. Riley maintains that mobility projects currently underway need to be finished to alleviate the serious traffic problems in his district.  Commissioner Riley has a voting record of consistent support for higher taxes and the expansion of spending and has been embroiled in legal controversies during his current term.

Greg Parker

Greg Parker is a former two term County Commissioner from Comal County.  He is an Army veteran with a work history in the technology industry.  He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a Master’s degree in Public Administration, and has written two books, Conservative Essays for the Modern Era and Global Warming...Really?  Mr. Parker has lived in Montgomery County for four years and identifies transportation planning, the growing tax burden (caused by taxation and county spending), and the need for ethical government and financial transparency as his major focus for Precinct 2. 

Mr. Parker served as a Comal County Commissioner from November 2004 to 2013. On the court, he actively and publicly debated taxation levels, county debt, and mobility issues and offered conservative solutions.  Mr. Parker has always opposed toll roads and opposes their expansion in Montgomery County.  Despite greatly upsetting the County Judge, Mr. Parker blocked the Judge from appointing a less than qualified political favorite as a replacement for the judge if he retired early.  In 2014, he ran statewide for Railroad Commissioner and placed second in a field of four candidates.  Mr. Parker then worked as a city manager in Oklahoma for one year, but his contract was not renewed after he refused to hire the unqualified son-in-law of the sheriff.  He returned to Texas and has been employed managing large scale technology projects.


Greg Parker has eight years of experience as a successful county commissioner.  His academic and work history uniquely qualify him to manage complex issues of taxation, mobility planning, and technology on Commissioners’ Court.  Most important for Montgomery County, Mr. Parker has demonstrated his unwillingness to go along with unethical activity in government.  Texas Patriots PAC recommends Greg Parker for Precinct 2 Commissioner.