After our success in defeating the disastrous May 2015 road bond, we strongly advocated for a better bond to be given to voters. This is that bond. This new bond does not include The Woodlands Parkway extension, is scaled down to only address immediate mobility needs, and sets the county up on a glide path for better budgeting practices.  

Also, a critical factor in passage of this road bond is that the State of Texas passed $9 billion in transportation funds in this current budget. Only counties with funds in place (bonds) will qualify to receive TxDOT funds. Every tax dollar we get back from the state is a county tax dollar not spent, thus saving the taxpayers money. If Montgomery County does not pass this bond, we will miss out on this opportunity to reclaim tax dollars, and other counties will enjoy increased mobility, growth, and property values while we sit in traffic.

Passage of this bond would also make the possibility of The Woodlands Parkway extension being included in future bonds far less likely. We encourage voters to support this bond.