The Woodlands Township Board of Directors candidate recommendations


On November 3, residents of The Woodlands will have the opportunity to elect three great candidates to the Township Board of Directors. These candidates have a firm commitment to our values of constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets, and have proven track records of standing up against special interests and the political establishment on behalf of the residents and the community. This is a pivotal election for The Woodlands; if all three of these candidates are elected, the Board will finally consist of a majority of resident advocates.  We hope you'll join us in supporting these candidates.



Township Director, Position 5


Candidates:     John P. McMullan

                          Amos McDonald

                          Tom Sadlowski


Texas Patriots PAC recommends John P. McMullan.


Township Director, Position 6  


Candidates:     Ann Snyder

                         Matthew Burton

                          Chuck Meyer

                          Paul Brown


Texas Patriots PAC recommends Matthew Burton


Township Director, Position 7


Candidates:     Laura Fillault

                          Bruce Tough


Texas Patriots PAC recommends Laura Fillault